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Hello World!!

We love to eat; we live in the F and G units of our building. And that’s how Eat.F.G. got it’s name!

One in finance, one in fashion… we don’t really have the job titles that qualify us as food experts, but that doesn’t stop us from loving to cook and exploring food together.

People say that you don’t need to know how to cook to eat well, and I couldn’t agree more. We live in the magical City of New York where there are countless restaurants to choose from. The options and types of cuisines out there are just unreal. As much as we love to cook, it would be silly of us to not take advantage of the myriad delicacies the City has to offer.  Whether it’s a star-filled world famous restaurant or hole in a wall kind of joint; whether it’s Asian, European, Middle Eastern or some regional cuisine we’ve never heard of; or whether it’s a vegan, seafood or carnivore meal, we want to try them all!

When we have a chance to take a break from the eventful restaurant scene, we also enjoy rolling up our sleeves and cooking in. There is nothing better than home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients from the market. Whether its a simple meal for two or a multi-course dinner party, we want to experience it all, feasting at every meal.

I’m not saying we’re different from the other foodies in the world. But we take pride in being adventurous, open-minded, and willing to explore all cultures and cuisines, and we have certainly enjoyed our experience along the way.

This is where we’ll be documenting our eating journey… from the F&G!

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